Physioval are passionate about skiing and having worked in the alps for over 10 years have experience with all abilities but mainly we are just interested in keeping you the holiday maker on the mountain.



If you ski hard then old injuries can niggle when they are put under more than normal strain from skiing. We can assess and ease the problem. With a range of advice and treatment options from manual therapy, soft tissue release techniques, stretches, specific exercises and taping techniques to help you get you back on the slopes quickly and enjoy your holiday. 







Massage is essential to help you enjoy your skiing holiday and make the most of your time on the mountain. Regardless of how fit you are, skiing makes muscles work hard that don’t usually do that much. The muscles are overloaded by these physical demands and that causes muscle aches and pains. Massage helps the muscles recover by encouraging blood flow through the muscles to wash out the Lactic and helps the muscle fibres relax after being tight and overfired.  Your massage will be individually tailored to your needs.  We instinctively find the tight and painful bits and massage them away. 



This can be done on a one to one basis or you can have up to three of you at a time. We tailor it to your needs to weather you would like a warm up before you head on to the mountain in the morning or a post ski stretch when you return to your chalet. You decide.