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Physiotherapy and Massage

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Val d'Isere - Tignes - Meribel - Courchevel - Le Tania


Physiotherapy and Massage

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t : +447950038353

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Val d'Isere - Tignes - Meribel - Courchevel - Le Tania



Initial consultation

One of the PhysioVal team of Chartered Physiotherapists with French Registeration will hand deliver their expertise to the comfort of your chalet or hotel room.  We will listen to you, diagnose your problem, resolve the best management plan and deliver hands on physiotherapy, taping, bracing and rehab exercises to get you to  "Ski more and hurt less"



Acute injury

Just fallen, slipped or woken up and struggling to get out of bed? If you have a fall on the mountain or a slip on the ice, please call us. PhysioVal has expert clinicians at the ready to offer you some over the phone triage. You may need to take a days rest, see one of the resort doctors, have some physiotherapy treatment or see a specialist when you return home.  You can trust our opinion, and our network of doctors and surgeons.


Chronic treatment

Sometimes our clients arrive in resort just not quite at their best, perhaps recovering from a tennis injury in the summer, or having had surgery on their knee.  We pride ourselves in having a fantastic reputation in communicating clearly with your doctors and physiotherapists back home to seamlessly provide the in resort care and support you may need. Please contact us before your visit and we can plan your resort treatment


1 hour Physiotherapy  - € 115    

1 hour Physiotherapy with Kate Bender - € 125

1 hour Physiotherapy with Mark Bender - € 180


The benefits of Massage are well documented to not only reduce tension and tightness but to assist in the recovery of over worked muscles

Restorative Deep Tissue Massage

You may have a long term injury or movement restriction to your back, hips or knees. Perhaps a chronic shoulder pain or a tight calf.  That's when you should select one of PhysioVal's expert team of Physiotherapists who can use massage techniques directly relating to your compromised anatomy and physiology to restore the equilibrium you need, so you "ski more, hurt less"  


Preventative Massage

Worldclass Athletes need to perform at the top of their game every day. Even if you have diligently prepared for your holiday with ski fitness exercises and spent the whole summer on your bike, by day 3 you will be struggling down the stairs to breakfast.  All sports put functional specific loading through the body that is difficult to replicate specifics.  So why not do what savy elite athletes do ? 


1 hour Massage  - € 95

1 hour Massage with Kate Bender - € 115

1 hour Massage with Mark Bender - € 180



Sunrise pi-ga*

We can start as early as you want, so that you can maximise your time on the mountain. We would recommend this to help your muscles prepare and warm up so that you can be agile and responcive on the mountain.


1 hour €90


Sunset pi-ga*

As soon as you get off the mountain we can be waiting, this is best done before the muscles have had a chance to cool down. We would recommend a hot tub or a 30 min massage after to maximise the benefit.


1 hour €90


All the classes we recommend no more than 4 or as the space allows, thus the price can be split between you.


  • pi-ga is a fusion of pilates and yoga, think core and stretch and movement…


lets help you get ski fit...

We have found tried and tested some great clips on the web for you to help with your pre ski training. 

Short and sweet, 5 top exercises from a US pro skier - do it now

If you have more time try this 30 min video for ski specific cardio and fitness - I am up for it

This has a few tips for dry land training and conditioning - check it out


All of these videos give different tips which you can pick and mix. The most important element as any good physio will tell you though biomechanics and alignment is key! If you have any niggles with your back or your knee which are the typical places then get in touch with your physio or if you don't have one pop me an email and I will recommend one if possible near you.