At the beginning of January I headed back to London for a couple of weeks to touch base with colleagues and friends and most importantly clients...

Having returned to the Alps I have brought the snow with me! Heavy snow for the last few days has meant amazing powder days but the white out conditions and wind means there has been extra toll on the body.

Injury 1 - A snow boarder took a jump and caught the tip of the board on landing, unfortunately his knee took the brunt! On a quick examination it was apparent that he had squished his menisci and had a small strain in his medial ligament. After some soft tissue release and taping I managed to off load the area enough to reduce his pain by 50% and most importantly he was able to board the next day. It is very common for clients with small medial ligament injuries to find skiing and boarding more comfortable than walking due to the fact that you don't straighten your knee fully doing these sports.

Injury 2 - Chronic back pain always gets aggravated when skiing in white out days because of the lack of ability to predict the terrain means that the body can't prepare itself for the bumps. This means the shocks don't get absorbed in the normal way and the joints rather than the muscles take the brunt. A young client being treated by a physiotherapist back in the UK for a back complaint called and after a few techniques I was able to reduce some of the pain. I gave him some stretched as well but unfortunately unless he gets a bit of rehab to does a little more preparatory work the back pain will return.

Injury 3 - A young girl had ankle pain, on examination there was some inflammation and irritation of the anterior joint line on palpation but she had full range of movement. I had a look at her biomechanics which were poor and she showed signs of shin splints which if she had been a runner may have been more apparent. I did lots of release to her peroneal muscles and tib fib joint and her pain reduced dramatically. I explained though that these signs were secondary symptoms and that she needed to see a physiotherapist to give her some specific exercises to improve her hip function and thus change the load through her ankle joint.

Skiing and Snow boarding are sports that use muscle groups, movement patterns and skills which have to be respected and to make the most of your holiday you need to prepare as best you can but even this isn't always enough!!!

Written in the comfort of my best place in Val d'Isere to get away from it all and take time out, where else than the sofas in the blizzard. Luxury