A client from a clinic in London called this week, he has a little disc bulge at L4/5 and had been doing all the functional prep work with Michelle at http://www.mattscott.co.uk which is a training studio I defiantly hang my hat on the team there are truly fantastic. Any way I digress, he had been skiing for 4 days and then unfortunately had hit some ice and just as he recovered hit some more ice and lost control.

When I saw him he could hardly move, he had lost power in sit to stand and had pain transferring down through his hamstring. 

I did some muscular and fascia release work and vertebral mobilisations in the thoracic area as well as some pelvis mobs. 

He felt so good he called the next day and booked in another appointment for himself and his friend to make sure their skiing was optimal for their last day of skiing....  Ski more, hurt less