This week I had a call from a client saying that his knee was hurting but that he hadn't had a fall and wasn't sure what was wrong.

I went over to his chalet to have a little look, thinking that it was going to be a patella tracking problem or something similar. The clients knee was swollen, with no obvious injury, he had full range of movement but couldn't squat fully in a load bearing position.

Unfortunately for the client this was a true sign of irritation of a grumbling Meniscus. Not a true tear or injury but irritation due to poor control and more pressure and load being put through his knee joint than usual which was made worse due to the poor visibility and the client not being able to predict each and every turn. This knee problem wasn't directly due to his skiing holiday but due to a slow degenerative knee joint which is loaded differently during a skiing holiday and had increased demands put to it than under normal conditions of sitting behind a desk.

Advice given, client happy.

Ski more Hurt less.